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€ 11,51 per hour
40 hours a week

Are you looking for a job in a small company with the prospect of a permanent contract and enjoy working with foodproducts please check this job!


What will you do?

Packing and packaging of finished product,  qualitative and quantitative requirements.
Filling of autoclave baskets and cardboard trays with finished product, commissioned and on the instructions of the department management, in such a way that the set quality and quantity requirements are met. To do this, check (visual / manual) of finished product and cardboard tray fillings. Signaling and passing on details to the department management.
This includes:

  • Folding cardboard trays
  • Filling cardboard trays with finished product
  • Sealing, labeling and stacking according to directions
  • Keeping your own working environment clean.
  • Compliance with the quality assurance system, operating and safety regulations.
Who you are
  • Experience in production environment
  • Meticulous production process
  • Be able to respond accurately to imperfections in the process
  • Able to work accurately
What we offer
  • Personal and administrative support in Dutch, English, Polish and Romanian language
  • A nice and informal working envorinment
  • Extra allowance for the shifts €30,- per day for morning and late shift
  • Working times 06:00 till 14:30, 09:00 till 18:00, 14:00 till 22:30
  • 40 hours per week
  • When needed we provide Housing and transport
Where will you work

Glasbest is a company that processes food into an endproduct and packs it in modern packaging.

How we work

SBA Flex is an international job agency. We offer jobs in various work fields, such as food, logistics, meat, production and metal. Our offices and living locations are all across the country in the Netherlands with our headoffice in Tilburg. When you apply for a job with SBA Flex, we take care of your accommodation when desired. For our vacancies it is a benefit to have a driving license, but it is not required.

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