New Accomodation

Dear all,SBA Flexhousing woonaccomodatie Waalwijk huis buitenaanzicht
At Sbaflex we are doing our best to meet your requirements and to offer great services to our employees. 
In order to get rid of the long commute and long waiting hours for the driver or for colleagues to finish their shifts and to drive together back home, we have been looking for long time for a suitable accommodation, closer to work. We are extremely happy to inform you that we have been able to rent a very good living accommodation, close to the job so you can benefit more from your free time and to have a better quality of life. 
The accommodation is in Waalwijk - a city where the cost of living is a little bit cheaper than in big cities as Tilburg, for example. The biggest advantage of your relocation: you will spend only 7 minutes (maximum 9 minutes) to ride the bike to Ingram Micro/ or only 16 minutes to ride the bike to Syncreon. 
The new accommodation looks very nice, it is located in the district of Besoyen in Waalwijk, close to the city center, supermarkets and shops. In this way, you will live in a nice location, closer to work, closer to all shops, have more spare time, and we will be able to be more flexible in planning your shifts as well.

SBA Flexhousing woonaccomodatie Waalwijk woonkamerSBA Flexhousing woonaccomodatie Waalwijk keuken

Kind regards

SBA Flex