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Let us tell you a bit more about ourselves!

SBA Flex is here for people, run by people. Our team is on standby every day to help you, ready and dedicated to make sure you have good housing and a suitable job in the Netherlands. If you genuinely want to work through SBA Flex, you deserve all our attention and energy.

SBA Flex About us

We understand like no other that it is a huge leap of faith when you decide to live and work in a foreign country. You find yourself in a different culture, with people that speak a different language and have a different mentality. And what do you need most when you arrive? That’s right, a warm welcome. For guidance and assistance, so that you can quickly feel at home in your new living environment, at your new workplace and in the Dutch society. Work is more than just earning money.

At SBA Flex, our employees always come first. You are, together with our clients, our most valuable ‘customer’. That’s why we make sure every detail is arranged for you. We are affiliated with ABU, the Dutch branch association of temporary employment agencies, and comply with the collective labour agreement between the trade unions and the ABU. Naturally, you can count on getting a fair wage that is on par with your Dutch colleagues. This also applies to the allowances and benefits you receive.

About us

Our organisation

SBA Flex is a trusted name for many flex workers from abroad. We’ve been in business since 1998 and over the years have been able to offer thousands of hard workers a new living and working happiness in the Netherlands. We may have started out small, but have since grown into a large organisation with a strong network of companies and offices in several countries. That way we are always close to our people. How did this come about?

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Our team

Finding a good house and work in the Netherlands begins with genuine, personal contact with one of our team members. We’ll introduce them to you below. Quite soon, one of them will be your permanent contact during your job search, but also while you are living and working in the Netherlands.

SBA Flex | Roland van den Brand
SBA Flex | Erik Goedhart
SBA Flex | Marjan Verhage
SBA Flex | Peter de Bruijn
SBA Flex | Carmen Ion
SBA Flex | Vanessa Oerlemans
SBA Flex | Sonya Morar
SBA Flex | Jamie Denissen
SBA Flex | Agata Szymanowska
SBA Flex | Alexandra Ferapontova
SBA Flex | Ella Pason
SBA Flex | Koen van den Heijkant
SBA Flex | Marzena Lass
SBA Flex | Renata van Alphen
SBA Flex | Jolanda Huitema
SBA Flex | Bojoura van Uden
SBA Flex | Arjan van Wijk
SBA Flex | Mark van Keulen
SBA Flex | Armagan Erdem
SBA Flex | Robert van der Vorst
Roland van den Brand
General Manager
Erik Goedhart
Financial Director
Marjan Verhage
HR Manager
Peter de Bruijn
Head of Planning
Carmen Ion
Recruiter NL
Vanessa van Oudheusden
Head of Office Coordination
Sonya Morar
Account Coordinator
Jamie Denissen
Account Coordinator
Agata Szymanowska
Recruiter NL
Alexandra Ferapontova
Growth Marketer
Ella Pason
Account Coordinator
Koen van den Heijkant
Assistant Controller
Marzena Lass
Account Coordinator
Renata van Alphen
Payroll Administration
Jolanda Huitema
Senior Account Manager
Bojoura van Uden
Back office Assistant
Arjan van Wijk
Senior Account Manager
Mark van Keulen
Sr. Data Analyst
Armagan Erdem
Account Manager
Robert van der Vorst
Account Manager
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