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Finding your way through the job vacancies

All available jobs are listed on this website. Select your preferred options and see the jobs that match your skills and ambition. Finding it hard to choose? Call, e-mail or app our recruiters with your question.

Which job best suits you?

Before you get started, we’d like to get to know you better. What kind of work appeals to you? What do you enjoy doing? What working hours do you prefer? And what kind of work have you done before? The better we get to know you, the better the match we can make.

How to apply

Apply for a specific job you would like to do or choose an open application. Of course, you can always speak with one of our recruiters. Phone, e-mail or app our recruiters if you need any help making a choice or preparing your CV. We will also help you prepare for your job interview.

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To be certain that you and your intended employer will be a good match, our recruiter wants to speak with you personally. He or she checks if you meet the requirements, how genuinely motivated you are and if you’re the right person for the job. The recruiter will ask you to present certain documents, such as your CV, references and a certificate of good conduct. Are you the right person for the job? Then we’ll offer you the position.

Accelerated procedure: start work within 24 hours

Do you know exactly what you want and are you eager to get straight to work? Then choose the accelerated procedure.You do this by applying for an available job and attaching the following documents:

  • An up-to-date CV.
  • A written reference from a recent employer or a statement that says you agree to us asking one of your last employers for a reference.
  • Proof of good conduct or a statement from the police or judiciary body that shows that you have no prior convictions of fraud, theft or assault.
Have you supplied all the information?

Then we guarantee that you will receive two offers with starting dates within 24 hours!

SBA Flex Intake

Housing through SBA Flex

Haven’t you been able to find a place to live in the Netherlands yet? Then you’re welcome to live in a Flex Housing property. The rent you pay includes all energy, internet costs and local taxes. That means you won’t receive any additional bills.

Paying your rent

We offset the payment of your rent against your weekly salary, which means you get to enjoy tax benefits related to the ET scheme (the Extra Territorial Scheme of the EU). Your housing meets SNF standards (standards for foreign flex worker housing) and is periodically inspected for liveability and fire safety.

Living in Flex Housing

Living in Flex Housing means living together with other people. To make your life as pleasant and orderly as possible, we have house rules in place. You’ll find these house rules in the Plan4Flex app. Our managers see to it that the house rules are observed by everyone. Is something broken or out of order? Simply scan the QR code in the house, report the issue and our technical team will fix it.

SBA Flex entering front door

Before your departure to the Netherlands

Before you leave, your recruiter will confirm all the arrangements that were made in a written agreement, in addition to your employment contract. Your recruiter can also help you find transport to the Netherlands if you like.

Checklist before booking your trip:
  • Are your ID and driving licence still valid and in good condition?
  • Do you have enough money in your bank account?
  • Do you have a Maestro, Visa or Mastercard, so you can withdraw money in the Netherlands without any problems?

Before you move to the Netherlands, you’ll receive an e-mail that gives you access to the SBA Flex app on your smartphone. In the app, you agree to the terms and conditions of your employment contract and can find all other information related to work, housing and insurance.

Keep you phone switched on

Make sure we can reach you by phone during your trip. Or even better: let us know how your journey is going and your expected arrival time. If you are unexpectedly delayed, please inform us straight away.

SBA Flex App

Your reception at our office in Tilburg (NL)

When you arrive, you can expect a warm welcome by our office team in Tilburg at Boogschutterstraat 5. Our staff will complete the last details and verify your registration with SBA Flex.

Required documents

Please make sure you have the following items with you:

  • Valid and undamaged proof of identity
  • Driving licence
  • Smartphone
  • Bank card that you can use in the Netherlands
  • Emergency telephone number and emergency contact person
  • Official proof of issue Citizen Service Number (BSN)
Don’t have a BSN?

Is it your first time in the Netherlands and don’t you have a Citizen Service Number (BSN) yet? We’ll help you with the paperwork. We can also help with arranging Dutch health insurance. It is compulsory to have health insurance and we have a special offer. Some health insurers require a medical examination. We make sure the whole process goes smoothly.

Plan4Flex App

Our Plan4Flex App gives you all essential information about your work and about living in the Netherlands. If you have any questions about the app, we’ll take the time to explain it to you. You can contact us by phone on +31 13 464 8955 or you can send an e-mail to

Your account coordinator

SBA Flex appoints an account coordinator for every company and agency worker. Your account coordinator is the person to speak to at SBA Flex and is in close contact with the company where you will be working. He or she will explain the company procedures and house rules to you. Your account coordinator also provides you with information concerning the introduction period, work planning and transport schedule.

SBA Flex headoffice Tilburg
SBA Flex office counter

Commuting to work

SBA Flex organises commuting transportation for temporary workers who live in Flex Housing. This transport is provided both by colleagues and professional transport companies. But you can also arrange your own transport if you wish.

Want to use our transport?

If you use our organised transport to get to work, we’ll send you a transport schedule before each working day that shows which colleagues you are travelling with.

Want to drive yourself?

Do you have a driving licence and would you like to give some of your colleagues a ride to work? Then you can get a company car and won’t have to pay transport costs.

Can you come in by bicycle?

If the distance between home and work is 10 kilometres (one way) or less, we will provide you with a bicycle for a small fee.

Are you living alone?

If you live independently, i.e. not through Flex Housing, you need to arrange your own transportation to and from work. This also means that you may be entitled to a commuting allowance. Some companies we work with contribute to the costs of commuting.

SBA Flex car

Your first day at work

It is important that you are properly prepared for your first day at work. Among other things, it is important to read the house rules, safety instructions and the Go To form in the Plan4flex app carefully and approve the documents.

A few practical tips

If you travel to work independently, check your route and address and leave well in time. Arriving late leaves a poor first impression, especially on your first day at work! Make sure you are well rested, showered and appropriately dressed. Also, show interest in the instructions you receive and ask questions if anything isn’t clear. If communicating is difficult or if you still aren’t clear on the answers, feel free to ask your account coordinator for help! Will you let your account coordinator know how things are going after those first exciting days at work?

We stay in touch

Even if you have been working for a while, the account coordinator wants to know how you are doing. Especially when you’re away from your home country for the first time and are sharing accommodation and transport with other people, those first weeks and even months can be a huge challenge. So don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask for an appointment if there hasn’t been much contact. If a face-to-face meeting is difficult to schedule, there is also the option of video calling. This can sometimes cause stress or disappointment. Your coordinator is trained to recognise these feelings and can give you tips on how to deal with it. You can also find answers to several practical issues in the INFO set of the Plan4flex app. Read the INFO set carefully, as it will help you find your way around.

A new work contract

Is your work contract coming to an end, are there fewer hours available, are some tasks physically too demanding or are you just ready for something new? Or maybe you’d like to earn more or work more hours? Don’t hesitate to speak with the account coordinator. We’re always happy to help you find a suitable solution.

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Payments and pay slips

SBA Flex makes sure your wages are paid on time and correctly. To make sure this goes smoothly, we need you to arrange some things as well, such as opening a bank account and applying for Citizen Service Number (BSN).

Your bank account
  • In order for your salary to be paid, you need a bank account in your name.
    You also need to have an official document that shows you have a Dutch citizen service number.
  • Don’t have a Citizen Service Number (BSN) yet?
    Then call us to for an appointment to arrange this.
  • Don’t have a bank account yet? Visit
    It’s entirely up to you which bank you choose.
Payment of your wages

The salary you earn for the hours you worked in one week are paid into your bank account the following week. The amount that is paid is after taxes and deductions such as rent, health insurance and a fee for organized transport.

Your payslip

You can find further information about all the terms on your payslip in the INFO set.

Still have questions after reading the above?

Call +31 (0)13 4648950 or email to SBA Flex takes great care to make sure that all salaries are paid correctly. In the unlikely event that something isn’t clear or goes wrong, please let us know by calling +31 (0)13 4648950 or emailing

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