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Questions about work

The application procedure can be quick and you can start working within just a few days. In theory and depending on how soon you can send us all documentation, you can start you new job the very next day.

SBA Flex always looks at where someone fits in best and what suits your ambitions. It can happen that you start a job and realise later that other work would suit you better; in those cases we can look at the options together.

Every job vacancy on our website indicates whether or not you need to be able to speak English. So always read the vacancy carefully.

Have you just arrived in the Netherlands? Then you are entitled to the full statutory minimum wage for the first two months, provided you meet the legal conditions of course. This is regardless of the number of hours you work and guarantees you a minimum income for the first two months. There are also employers who guarantee a minimum number of hours. Contact our recruiters for further information.

No, you never have to pay anyone to work through SBA Flex. In case anyone asks you to pay money for mediation, please contact us immediately.

Yes, SBA Flex focuses purely on the Dutch market.

This all depends on where you will be working. Some employers provide the option for partners to work on the same shift, others need more flexibility and therefore can't give that guarantee. Our recruiters can tell you exactly which clients make those provisions.

The working hours are different at every employer. Some employers allow you to work overtime, which can also vary per season. It regularly happens that we have extra work available with another client on Saturdays. Your contact coordinator can tell you more about how this works.

After successfully finalising your job application, we will provide you with all the information you need. At what location you are expected, where to report on the first day, the safety regulations and procedures at your employer, and who your contact person is.

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