SBA Flex Recruitment Boogschutterstraat 5 5015 BX Tilburg The Netherlands
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Flat with 4 single bedrooms

The flat at this address is one of four flats in the building. The flat features four single bedrooms, a bathroom and a separate toilet.

The kitchen

The kitchen is equipped with all modern appliances. From a gas cooker, kettle, microwave, oven, fridge and a freezer.


Every room is furnished with a bed, wardrobe and a table and chair as standard.


Do you have a car? You can park directly in front of the property.


Wi-Fi is available

Distances from the house
Office of SBA Flex6.4 km
Office of Flex Housing3.6 km
AH (supermarket)850 m
Cash point850 m
Shop centre5 km
Small shopping centre1.4 km
Office ING Bank4.3 km
Railway station4.2 km
Bus stop220 m
BP5.7 km
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