SBA Flex Recruitment Boogschutterstraat 5 5015 BX Tilburg The Netherlands
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Semi-detached house with 4 bedrooms

This property is a compact semi-detached house. The house has four bedrooms, a shared kitchen and bathroom, and a separate toilet. There is a small garden behind the property.

The kitchen

The kitchen is equipped with all modern appliances. From a gas cooker, kettle, microwave and oven to a fridge and a freezer. You’ll also find the washing machine and dryer in the kitchen.

The bathroom

The shared bathroom has a shower and a washbasin. You share the bathroom with the other residents.

The bedrooms

The house has two double bedrooms, the other two are single bedrooms. Each room is furnished as standard with a bed, wardrobe and a table and chair.


There are reserved parking spaces for SBA Flex staff.


Wi-Fi is available

Distances from the house
Office of SBA Flex5.5 km
Office of Flex Housing3.4 km
AH, Jumbo, Nettorama supermarkets2.5 km
Cash point ING (at AH)2.4 km
Large shopping centre5.2 km
Local shopping centre2.4 km
ING Bank branch4.6 km
Train station4.6 km
Bus stop650 m
Petrol station4.1 km
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