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Terraced house for 6 people

You and 5 other roommates will live very comfortably in this terraced house. Living in the same house also means you need to consider your housemates and your neighbours. Therefore, you make sure noise and parking doesn’t disrupt others to maintain a pleasant living environment.

The bedrooms

The house has 3 bedrooms, each for 2 people, that can be locked.

The kitchen

The kitchen is on the ground floor and offers residents all the space they need to prepare their meals. Needless to say that the microwaves, ovens and freezers are free to use. Washing and drying machines are located in the room next to the kitchen. These are also free to use.


The house has a TV, washing and drying machine, refrigerators and freezers. By scanning the QR code in the house, you can report faults or submit request notifications.


The accommodation has a free and fast fibre-optics Wi-Fi connection.


You can generally park in front of the house.

  • Several supermarkets are within walking distance.
  • The city centre is easy to reach by bicycle. If you go by car, note that you have to pay for parking.
  • Public transport by bus and train is excellent in Leeuwarden.
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