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Did you set goals for yourself when you moved to the Netherlands?

The motivation to come to the Netherlands is financial, but I also just want to have a good time here. I didn’t set a goal for the duration of my stay, but I did set one for the quality of life. I want to work and enjoy. Of course, sooner or later I will start making plans for the future of myself and my family, but for now, it’s fine.

Where did your search for your destination in the Netherlands begin?

Through the internet. I checked the SBA Flex website and was pleasantly surprised. Also, by the personal approach when I made contact. That introduction was by phone, and I was well assisted. And once in the Netherlands, I immediately felt that same personal approach and helpfulness.

SBA Flex l Story Claudiu

The motivation to come to the Netherlands is financial, but above all, I also want to have a good time here.

Do you feel at home here now?

Definitely! In fact, it is my home. I interact with many Dutch people, and it doesn’t feel like I’m just a guest here. The people here are friendly and open, and that certainly contributes to this feeling. Moreover, I live in a nice place with friendly people, just a 5-minute bike ride from my work. These are conditions that make my stay even more pleasant.

What does your workday at Rhenus look like?

That also feels like coming home. I love my job, and together with my colleagues, we form a close-knit family. We spend 9 hours a day together, so that’s important. We also meet up outside of work. To play football together, eat, or have a beer in the city. My social life in the Netherlands is excellent!

Did SBA contribute to this as well?

Absolutely. SBA Flex is always ready to help me. With any question. From finding housing near my work to helping with financial matters. That help and involvement make life as a Romanian flex worker in the Netherlands much easier. I have quite a bit of experience with other temp agencies, and I can tell you that SBA Flex is the best temp agency for flex workers. That’s no lie.

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