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How did you end up in the Netherlands?

I used to work in London. Quality of life and work in the Netherlands came up in conversations with friends. I decided to experience it myself. To pack my things and just leave. Once here, I quickly made friends. People are friendly and polite. That made me feel at home very quickly. My job is half an hour away from my house. A nice place with good housemates. I’m grateful to SBA Flex for that. And also for the transportation to work, the BSN number, and all the other practical matters they arranged. I could never have done that myself. I came to the Netherlands empty-handed, but with SBA Flex, everything was arranged very quickly.

How do you like working at Rhenus?

It took some getting used to at first. But thanks to my colleagues, I got into it quickly. They are helpful. They take the time to help and explain things I don’t understand right away. I especially appreciate that they invest in me so that I feel comfortable here. I’m not used to that: at previous workplaces, you were just a number as an employee. Our team is close-knit anyway. At work, but also outside of work. We are colleagues and friends.

My job is half an hour away from my house. A nice place with good housemates.

So there's a lot of attention for you as a colleague?

Absolutely. At Rhenus, for example, they regularly organize activities, like a soccer or padel tournament. But also outings to a museum. That’s valuable because you get to know the Netherlands quickly and meet new people. This helps to quickly build a pleasant and social life. I also regularly go out on my own. To cycle in my area or visit cities.

But Spain is still in your heart, right?

Definitely. I miss it sometimes. The nice weather and the Spanish cuisine. But those are good reasons to go back to my home country regularly. And of course, to see my family again.

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