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40 hours a week

Summer is just around the corner, and it's time to embrace a greener lifestyle! We're currently on the lookout for enthusiastic Machine Operators to join our team. Your role will be crucial in ensuring that only the finest quality veggies and fruits make their way to the shelves. The best part? Joining us comes with perks like a complimentary basket of fresh fruits every other week, access to a free gym, rapid career growth, free training, and more! Intrigued? Keep reading to see if we're the perfect match for you!

Machine Operator Vegetables Products

What will you do?

As a machine operator you'll kick off your journey at one of our production lines. The initial day is all about getting to know the company and learning about the way of working . From the second day onwards, the real adventure begins. You'll be stationed on a production line, involved in sorting and packing various items such as tomatoes, paprika, fruits, and more. you are responsible to make sure the line will operate as smooth as it can.
you execute simple malfunctions and set the machine properly for the right product and labels. it would be nice if you have experience in a food environment already.
You also work along on the line. 

During the initial weeks, you'll grasp the ins and outs of the production line, understanding the procedures and performing each step flawlessly. It's likely that you'll switch tasks on the line throughout the day. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Maintaining the production line.
  • Set the right parameters on the machine.
  • Work alongside on the line.
  • Fixing small issues when they occure.

Naturally, all tasks must be executed strictly in accordance with the provided instructions.

Who you are
  • Speaking English on a conversational level
  • Motivated and proactive mindset
  • Strictly following the rules regarding order, cleanliness and safety
  • Experience in working as machine operator
What we offer
  • Full-time job with two shifts 06.00-15.00 and 15.00-23.00
  • Beautiful Accommodation and transport can be provided on request
  • Opportunity for an extra monthly bonus of up to 120 euros for those interested in becoming drivers
  • Fast-track career growth
  • Every other week 5 kg basket of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Access to a nearby gym and complimentary Box lessons
  • Additional bonus of up to 500 euros Netto (250 after 500 hours + 250 after 1000 hours)
  • Free English classes
Where will you work

Scherpenhuizen is a Brabant family business that has specialised in the import and export of tasty, top-quality fruit and vegetables for 50 years.To achieve this, they work closely with growers and grower cooperatives all over the world. Together with their employees, growers and retailers, they create opportunities and shape the future. Simply because things can always be more sustainable, different and better.

How we work

SBA Flex is an international job agency. We offer jobs in various work fields, such as food, logistics, meat, production and metal. Our offices and living locations are all across the country in the Netherlands with our headoffice in Tilburg. When you apply for a job with SBA Flex, we take care of your accommodation when desired. For our vacancies it is a benefit to have a driving license, but it is not required.

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