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15,00 per hour
40 hours a week

Are you an experienced forklift operator seeking a stable role in the production sector? Do you want a job with good pay and a friendly work environment? Look no further – we have the perfect opportunity for you!

Production worker and Forklift driver

What will you do?

Your Role: Essential Tasks at Katoen Natie

As a forklift operator at Katoen Natie, your main job is to carefully repack granulate for plastic production. But there's more to it than just operating a forklift. Here's what you'll be doing:

1. Granulate Monitoring: Keep a close eye on wet granulate as it goes through the drying machine. Don't worry – we'll provide special training to make sure you know how to prevent sticking.

2. Packaging Duties: Once the granulate is dry, your skills come into play:

Pour it into cartons on pallets, weighing up to 500 kg, ready for forklift packing and shipping.

Or pack it into 25 kg plastic bags, load them onto pallets, and expertly drive the forklift for transportation.

You'll have days with a lot of forklift work and some days loading 25 kg bags onto pallets.

Who you are
  • Certified Forklift Operator: Show us your skills with a valid certification.
  • Physical Readiness: Ready for a hands-on job that keeps you moving.
  • Work Commitment: Willing to work over 40 hours a week – your dedication is valued.
  • English Communication: Speak English well enough to keep things smooth.
What we offer
  • Full-Time Position: Dive into a regular Monday to Friday schedule from 06:00 to 16:45.
  • Supportive Relocation: We'll assist you with relocation and onboarding.
  • Driving Bonus: An extra 6 euros per day if you're up for some driving.
  • Accommodation in Tilburg ( 50 km from work): Enjoy living in Tilburg with our accommodation support.
Where will you work

Katoen Natie is engaged in the manufacturing and repackaging of granules for plastic production.

How we work

SBA Flex is an international job agency. We offer jobs in various work fields, such as food, logistics, meat, production and metal. Our offices and living locations are all across the country in the Netherlands with our headoffice in Tilburg. When you apply for a job with SBA Flex, we take care of your accommodation when desired. For our vacancies it is a benefit to have a driving license, but it is not required.

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