SBA Flex Recruitment Boogschutterstraat 5 5015 BX Tilburg The Netherlands

Watch the video for an idea whats happening at Vion Boxtel


What I earn each week in the Netherlands is what I used to earn a month in Romania.

Isabel Sandor

Benefits of working in Vion Boxtel

Working at Vion Boxtel provides you with a stable job. With work all year around you dont have to worry about loosing your job because of less work.

More advantages for working in Vion you find below:

Structural Hours

  • In Vion they work 36 hours a week. Sometimes saturdays for extra overtime.
  • No big changes in working times everyday, so easy to plan your free time around it.
  • Daily plan or week plan easy send by whatsapp, no need to check your email every hour.


Good paid overhours

  • Attractive overtime percentages.
  • Overtime monday untill friday 125%.
  • Overtime Saturday can go up untill 162.50% when overhours.
  • Working unregular provides an extra 115% untill 120%. Depends on which times.


Yearly raise

  • If you start before the 1st of July you will go up in wage already in January. After that every year in January you receive a raise.
  • Start salary will be Category B 0 € 12,79



  • You will live in Boxtel 100% sure. This means you can go to work everyday walking or by bike if you dont like walking. One thing is sure, its close by!


My dream is now within reach with the salary I earn in the Netherlands.

Patrasc Fabian