I want to work. How can I enlist myself in SBA?

You can enlist through the SBA website. Fill in your personal data as thorough and correct as possible and upload your CV directly via our website. On this website you also find an overview of all our actual vacancies to which you can apply directly.
When we can match you to a vacancy or a vacancy to you, we will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

How do i request for a VOG?

I would like to make use of the housing facilities of SBA / Flex Housing. What stuff do I need to bring myself?

When you want to make use of the SBA / Flex Housing possibilities you will need to take the following items yourself:

- Plates / Mugs / Drinking Glasses / knife-spoon-fork / Pottery

- Blanket / Bedlinnen / Pillow

- Towels

Is SBA Flex part / member of a branche organisation and how does that affect me?

SBA Flex is a member of the biggest branche organisation in the Netherlands for Temporary personnel, called ABU. The ABU is an organisation with over 370 members from the branche (over 60% of every organisation that has to do with temporary personnel is registred under ABU). The members of ABU mediate jobs for 700.000 people and thousands of companies. The ABU members are being check on a regular basis by the ABU organisation on quality of administration and legitimate payment (according to CAO) and following of rules and quality points. This memebership assures you that we, as an ABU member, pay all social security, pensionfund premiums and taxes. You will therefore never be supprised by the Dutch Government that we did not follow these regulations and you will also not be punished for that. Our membership with ABU gives you the security that we do everything accoring to legislation and you know you are paid / rewarded as you should be.

You can find more info on the website and it is also possible for you there to download the CAO of ABU in Dutch, English or Polish language in full or in summary in German as well.

When the company that you are working at does not have a CAO it self or of the branche organisation that it is connected to, then you automatically work under the regulation of the ABU CAO.

What is a BSN-number and how can I get such a number?

A BSN-number is a personal citizennumber which all people in the Netherlands must have. You are / will be registered in all government institutions, insurance companies, bank, etc. as it is a unique number that is only in use for you. This number will be provided to you free of charge for the first time. When you loose the original form and you would need to get a duplicat, 9,00 Euro will be charged to you by the Dutch Government, so please keep it in a safe place as you will need it for future enlistings for example in a bank to open a Dutch bankaccount.

An employee from SBA will inform you on when your appointment will be to pick up the BSN-number. It is obligatory to pick it up in person. To do so you will need to bring your ID/Passport.

What do I need to take to my work?

  • When you are in the Netherlands you must be able to identify yourself by showing an ID-card or passport. This goes for when you are at work, but also when you spend your freetime. A foreign driverslicense is not a valid identitydocument in the Netherlands. 


  • Depending on where you work you will need to take equipment or clothing to ensure you personal safety. SBA can provide you with safteyshoes when needed. We do however encourage you to arrange your own safetyshoes as you will need them in about all companies in the Netherlands.


  • In some companies (not all but nr is growing) you need to take a Declaration of Goodbehaviour from your home country (max 6 months old).

I am not able to go to work today. How do I inform SBA?

When you are not able to go to work, you must inform us 2 hours before your shift starts at the latest. You do that by letting your account coordinator (SBA worker responsible for the company that you work at) know your name + reason why you are not able to go. The name + telephone number of your coordinator will be communicated to you before you start your job.

How will my hours that I have worked be processed in SBA?

The hours of your first workweek, will be received and processed in the week after you have worked the hours. On the Friday of the 2nd week the money will be transferred to your bankaccount when you have provided us with the correct information on where to send you money to. Depending on where you have a bankaccount the money will be that same Friday of the 2nd week on your bankaccount, or on the Monday/Tuesday in you 3rd week. As long as we do not have a bankaccount, we do not pay any money as it is not allowed for us to pay money in cash.

I want to take a couple of days off / I want to go on holiday. How do I let SBA know?

You can inform us by filling in the holiday form of SBA. You can ask for such a form with your Account Coordinator of SBA. You fill in this form yourself and have your chef / boss at your job approve the holiday / days off. After that you can give this form to your coordinator or at the office of SBA so we know everything is approved.

When will my built up rights as holiday money be paid out?

Holiday money is being paid every year in June.


When you end your contract with us or your contract is ended by us, you will receive all reservations on your bankaccount in the 7th week after you ended you contract or your contract was ended.


When you are in Phase B or C of ABU CAO, your holidays will be paid when you have enough money in your hoiday reservation. When you do not have enough reservationrights, your holidays will be set on unpaid leave.

How do I give notice of an unsafe or unwanted situation on the workfloor?

When you encounter or notice an unsafe (direct saftety- or healthrisk) on the workfloor, you will need to inform your chef on the workfloor immediately. Besides that we also ask you to inform us by letting your Account coordinator know.

This also counts for unwanted situations for example like discrimination, bullying or sexual harassment.

I have a question / complaint on my living through SBA. How and with whom can I make my question / complaint known?

When you have a question or complaint on your housinglocation that you rent through SBA / Flex Housing, you can contact Flex Housing on +31 13 5820430 during officehours from 08.30 till 17.00 or in case of emergency after officehours on +31 6 20291889.

You can also fill in the form on this website under About SBA - Forms.


Where can I find a readable version of the ABU CAO?

You can find a readable version of the ABU CAO for temporary agency workers on the website of the ABU. Click here to go straight to the ABU CAO for temporary agency workers in English language.