Attractive bonus system


Check out our attractive bonus system for our SBA FLEX workers:

Bonus for new employees 

Every new employee who starts working will receive a bonus of 150 EUR Net. In order to receive this amount, you must work a total of 520 hours. 

  • For the first 160 hours worked - the bonus is EUR 50 net, 
  • For working next 320 hours - another EUR 50 net. 
  • After working 520 hours in SBA Flex, a total of EUR 150 NET will be added to your account. 


Bonus for people living private

That is a bonus for people living in private houses. All persons living private and employed in SBA Flex can receive a maximum of EUR 350 net. Here are the details of this bonus: 

  • After working 260 hours, you will receive EUR 100 net 
  • After working 520 hours, you will receive EUR 100 net 
  • After working 780 hours, you will receive EUR 150 net Total EUR 350 net. 


Recommendation bonus 

If you have friends, family or friends who are looking for a job - you can recommend them to us and earn extra money - a total of 120 EUR net. 

  • For each employee you recommend and who starts working in SBA Flex and works 40 hours , you will receive 40 EUR net. 
  • In case the person recommended by you works 260 hours - you will receive an additional 40 EUR net. 
  • If your candidate works another 260 hours (520 in total) - you will receive another 40 EUR net .

* If the person recommended has already worked for SBA Flex, they must have a break in employment longer than 3 months. 

Think about your friends, colleagues, family who are interested in starting a new a job and send their applications (with contact details) to us at with the title of the e-mail: "recommendation". Do not forget to give us your data as a person who recommended a candidate so that we can note this in the administration. When your recommended person will contact us directly at SBA Flex offices in Romania, Poland or the Netherlands, they must also provide the details of the person who recommended them. 

Thank you and see you at SBA Flex!