Why SBA Flex?

Why contacting SBA Flex team to find a job for you?

Did you lose your job in Romania or you just want to quit your current job for another one better paid, abroad? You have two options to get where you want: either on your own or with the help of a serious recruiting agency.

If you decide to leave on your own, you need to know that the tempting offers sent by future employers often prove to be different in reality - either the salary is lower than the one specified in the offer or you do not benefit from a contract of employment or insurance medical conditions, or the decent conditions initially presented prove to be difficult to bear. Many Romanians had to deal with such difficult situations. Maybe you've heard or read the stories. A safe way to avoid going through an unpleasant experience when going to work abroad is to leave this process at the expense of a recruitment agency.

Why SBA Flex?

• Experience over 20 years

Our existence of more than two decades translates into seriousness and professionalism. For over 20 years, the SBA Flex team has been placing temporary workers to companies in the Netherlands. Over 800 people (most of them Polish and Romanians) have a decent and well paid job, the proof that the job offer and the number of worked hours, the working conditions and the accommodation are exactly those presented by SBA recruiters.

• Evidence that SBA Flex is a recruiting agency

If our vast experience on the recruitment market does not convince you, it is important to note that SBA Flex is an ABU member. What is ABU? The largest federation of Dutch employment agencies. ABU membership means the safety of SBA Flex employees, as regular checks are carried out to verify pay, contracts and working conditions. Practically, ABU is constantly ensuring that you work in the Netherlands with legal rules.

• Save time and secure a good job

We know that, most of the times, the need and the desire to make their living better are the reasons Romanians leave their country. The longer the candidates' selection process lasts, the more they lose interest and choose to go on their own, driven by financial needs. That is why we are constantly trying to shorten the time between the interview and the first day at the new job as much as possible.

Because we want you to understand what SBA Flex is supposed to do before giving it your vote of confidence, we'll show you below all the stages of the hiring process. SBA Flex finds your job in 8 steps:

1. Send a resume to or apply directly on our website at one of the available jobs, if you have any preference for a domain or even a particular job;
2. Join the phone interview with one of the SBA Flex recruiters based on the CV sent;
3. You will receive, as soon as possible, an offer containing the most suitable jobs for your profile and expectations;
4. Analyse the options and make the right decision, and then communicate it to the recruiter with whom you will agree on your departure date;
5. You are ready to go to the Netherlands, not before you acquire a coach / plane ticket to the Netherlands and you have all the necessary papers prepared plus the necessary money for two weeks in the Netherlands (until you receive the first salary);
6. Your trip to the Netherlands;
7. As you head to the Netherlands, SBA Flex coordinators from Tilburg Office prepare your work and accommodation contracts (details of accommodation in the Flex Housing article) and take care of all the administrative steps to be completed integrate you into the new job;
8. You register in the SBA Flex system, you receive your BSN (Personal Identification Number Tax Code, which all citizens working on the territory of the Netherlands must have in order to be registered with state institutions, including the medical system).

These 8 steps being completed, enjoy a new start with a safe, decent job and ongoing SBA Flex support! The team will be with you not only until you find a job, but throughout your contract.

For any questions, you can contact us by email or directly through the contact form on the site.

Kind regards

SBA Flex