Need a job that fits your qualifications?


SBA helps you finding the job that best fits your skills. Need a job that fits your qualifications? You are in the right place. SBA Flex is here to shorten your job search. How? Let us show you the way to a better life.

Who are we?

Our team specializes in deployment of temporary workers mainly from East European countries, including Poland, Romania and the Baltic states. Briefly, our company is the bridge between you and organisations in Netherlands looking for employees. In this way, we make sure that there are plenty of vacancies to choose from.

Why us?

We know that many workers find it difficult to choose the best employment agency. What may help in making the right choice is looking for an agency that is a member of ABU - Dutch Federation of Private Employment Agencies. Just like SBA, of course. It guarantees decent working and employment conditions.

How can you become a SBA employee?

This is your last step to the job that suits you. You can enlist yourself in our career-specific website by filling your data and uploading your CV directly via our website. Once this step has been completed, there are two ways to find work.

  • Your first option is the following one: if you want to specialize in a particular field or you are already qualified for a job title (scheduler, expeditor, logistic worker, welder.) you can go through the actual vacancies on our website and apply directly. You’ll save yourself time and you may start working faster. Remember: you need to be the right fit for the company you are applying to and, at the same time, that company needs to be a fit for you too.
  • The second one involves our help to find you a job that matches your skills. After checking your skills and career aspirations, we will start looking for a vacancy that fills your profile. As soon as we can match a vacancy to you, we will contact you.

All in all, our team helps you landing a fulfilling job.

Steady, ready, go: do not wait any longer and fill your data on our website. The job you need is a step away from you. For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.