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Here is all you need to know before making this decision:

SBA Flex team is here to support you. Not only on your way to the wanted job, but throughout your whole Dutch experience.
Even if our main mission is your temporary employment, we know that a decent accommodation is a must. We also know that it is difficult to leave your home, to suddenly get out of your comfort area, to wake up in another bed or to share your room with other people.
The rent hunting stress in a foreign country is an extra care in difficult times like moving abroad. That’s why we lend you a hand with the program Flex Housing, especially designed to accommodate temporary workers in a decent, safe place where they can spend their off-hours time and nights.
Of course, this decision belongs to you – either you choose to check this issue off your list or start looking for a home by your own.
Because many of you keep asking us for details about Flex Housing conditions, we decided to write this article that includes the answers to all your questions so far:
1.    How and when you have to pay the rent?
The rent is directly deducted from your salary, weekly. The amount deducted for rent is always written down on your weekly payroll. You will receive it via email.
2.    Is there any advance / guarantee charge needed before paying the first rent?
From this point of view as well, things work in your favor. When you sign up for the Flex Housing program, there is no advance payment or guarantee required. The rent must be paid in the first week of accommodation, without extra charge.
3.    What are the accommodation conditions?
The accommodation conditions are decent, similar to those in student campuses. The rooms are furnished for two people with basic pieces of furniture - beds, cupboards, table, chairs. Each tenant is welcomed to use shared spaces - kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and living room. If you are going to benefit from Flex Housing, you will need some personal things to take in your new, temporary home - kitchen dishes, bed linen, towels.
4.    Does the rent pay includes utilities?SBA Flexhousing woonaccomodatie Kapelweg Buitenaanzicht
The weekly rent price covers all extra costs: light, water, electricity, heat, garbage etc.
5.    Which are the advantages of FlexHousing versus an independent accommodation?
To this question, we mention the main advantage, which also emerges from the above question - renting an apartment from another owner implies, in addition to the rent, the payment of a guarantee plus all other monthly expenses. Instead, for Flex Housing, as said above, utilities are included in the rental price.
6.    If I find the behavior of my roommates as being inappropriate, what should I do? Where do I spot this problem?
Before joining Flex Housing, each SBA Flex employee must sign an internal regulation that he/she must attend throughout his/her stay. If one of the roommates is not respectful of this contract, you can make a complaint to the administrative staff at the Tilburg office. The team will make a decision regarding this situation. We want you to live in a decent, quiet space, so resolving issues that disturb your stay is our priority.
7.    Can I choose my roommates (when I plan to go to work with a friend for example)?
If 2 friends or life partners come to the Netherlands at the same time and, in addition, they will work for the same company, they have the opportunity to live in the same room. Of course, we can not guarantee this. There are times when the entire living space is occupied by at least one person. What we can guarantee, however, is that when a room is released, these two can be moved in the same room, according to their request sent to the Flex Housing office.
If you have any further questions on this topic, you can contact us at the following phone number +31 13 5820430 from 08:30 to 17:00 or directly through the form on the website: