About SBA


The bridge between you and your flex workers: our team

All our employees share these four core values. This allows us to build the bridge between you and your flex workers. Our team comprises of almost as many international employees as Dutch ones. It’s no coincidence. This way we link demand and supply, keep intensive contact with clients and flex workers, provide people with work and ensure client productivity.

Enhanced performance

SBA Flex specializes in deployment of temporary workers mainly from East European countries, including Poland, Romania and the Baltic states. We know that many temp workers find it difficult to choose the best employment agency. What may help in making the right choice is to choose an agency that is a member of ABU - Dutch Federation of Private Employment Agencies. It guarantees decent working and employment conditions.


SBA Flex understands that finding a proper accommodation far away from home may not be easy. We might help arrange it. Each temporary worker has the right to look for a flat on their own, or they can leave this task to us. Would you like to learn more about accommodation provided by SBA Flex? Please go to www.flexhousing.nl.