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It is quiet, it is simple, it is good, and it's your new job place.
Are you a fan of the sunrise? We hope so because there's a big chance you're going to see it a lot. You will start pretty early, but guess what? You will never miss dinner! At this company, we value work\life balance a lot, and we enjoy keeping our weekends free. And here comes the best part - no English needed, so if you struggled to find a job in Holland - here is your chance!

SBA Flex

SBA Flex is an international job agency. We offer jobs in various work fields, such as Logistics, Food, Meat, Production and Metal. Our offices and living locations are all across the country in the Netherlands with our headoffice in Tilburg. 


You are going to work for a greenhouse company which grow and sort peppers on 2 locations. You will work at the main location of 86,000 m2 where they grow red peppers. The other location is almost 35,000 m2 and they grow orange peppers. The company cares deeply about their employees and provides tools to make work easier.

Job Description

Mostly what you are going to do - is take care of the plants and pick up the paprika. The job is very simple, so no experience is needed- just your motivation and will to work. You will get all the tools to facilitate your work - even a chair if you are not a fan of standing for 8 hours straight. Besides the chair ( we think it's a great selling point, right?), you also will get your basket with the tracking number on it, so you can track your success. No heavy lifting or work under the rain - you will do your job in a nice and warm environment, surrounded by nature and friendly colleagues.

Job demands

Well, let's start with the obvious - u must be an early bird, otherwise, this job will be a big challenge for you. Also, you should be able to work solo, without direct supervision. This company trusts you and doesn't want to look over your shoulder. 
Besides that, you must be super hygienic - forgetting to wash your hands is not an option.

  • Ability to work with little direct supervision
  • As you are working with food products you must be hygienic
  • Ability to work in morning shifts
  • If you are not from Poland or Romania, you must be able to speak English or Dutch 

We Offer

  • Personal and administrative support in Dutch, English, Polish and Romanian language
  • A nice and informal working environment
  • Full-time job
  • When needed we provide Housing nearby and transport with a company car
  • Every week payments
  • Easy job, no high demands
  • Training for PL and RO workers in their native language
  • Students, couples and individuals are welcome to apply!
  • Working time will be from Mon-Thu 7:00-16:00 and Fri 7:00-12:30 or in some cases till 15:30.


Are you interested? Do not wait any longer and please sent your CV + motivation by clicking the Apply button. For more information please contact our office by number +31 (0)13 464 89 60.

Hours 38
Salary € 10,48
Region Bemmel

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