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Do you want to live and work in Boxtel?

Boxtel is a large town in the heart of the friendly province of Brabant. Besides living in a green, rural landscape, you have all your daily shopping and other conveniences in town. Boxtel lies in the urban triangle of the cities Den Bosch – Eindhoven – Tilburg and has its own train station. That means the vibrant city life is just a hop, skip and jump away.



  • Boxtel
Very nice terraced house with 2 bedrooms

Our property on Baroniestraat is an attractive terraced house located near the centre of Boxtel. The house has two bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

Large terraced house with 5 bedrooms

Our home on Baanderheerderweg is a spacious terraced house with five bedrooms, a shared kitchen, bathroom and a patio.

No houses available

Distances from the house

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