3 best reasons to consider

Have you recently lost your job or you just want to go abroad for a better living? However, there are a few reasons which may keep you delaying your decision: maybe the longing ache for home and your loved ones, the fear of unknown, of a foreign country and last, but not least, the fear of speaking in a foreign language. All in all, it’s true, a change takes time, it’s not an overnight thing.
On the other hand, there are plenty of reasons to keep you positive when counting this decision. You start thinking it is worth sleeping in another bed for a while or missing your native language because all these sacrifices are the key to a better living.
We are here to help you overcome your fear and turn the answer to this question ”To do or not to do?” into a strong: I’ll do this! How? You’ll find out while reading the lines below:
1.    Well paid jobs
No matter what your future job will be in the Netherlands, when you’ll receive your pay at the end of the month you’ll realize that it is well above the amount of money you could earn in your country. The biggest problem with the Romanian employment is “a lot of work for little money”. The low incomes force people to leave their country.

If you decide to become part of our team, you will not have to face this problem. There are plenty of well paid vacancies for unskilled workers in various fields of the industry (packaging, expedition, production etc.). So, you can choose the job that fits you, not only the job you really need. You will be paid per hour, depending on the difficulty of the work you are supposed to do.
2.    A safe workplace
You have heard for sure the stories of dozens of Romanians tricked by the promise of safe jobs abroad and you are afraid you could pass through the same experience?
One of the most common situations is the following: workers are required to pay a brokerage fee and the amount of money needed for reaching the destination. The only thing they receive is a false brokerage agreement. They find out the truth when arriving at the alleged employer who declares that the contract is invalid, as he or she doesn’t need any services for their company.
This is just the most common situation that may delay your decision to work abroad. We know it is difficult to choose a recruiting agency, because you are afraid of this kind of people who take advantage of your good faith.
If your chosen country is the Netherlands, our advice is to choose an agency that is member of ABU - the Dutch Federation of Private Employment Agencies. This guarantees your safety: both in terms of employment and wage conditions, as well as your personal safety at the workplace. Of course, the SBA is an ABU member, so as soon as you contact us you will be in safe hands. The ABU team carries out periodic checks to ensure that seasonal workers contracted through us are properly treated at work.
3.    Qualifying in a job
If you haven’t had the chance to finish a vocational school or to pursue a vocational training program in your country, there’s still time for you to reach this goal. You can do it at your future workplace in the Netherlands. Many employers are looking for serious and hardworking people who can qualify for the job after a few months of work.
This is a great reason to find a job in the Netherlands. You leave the country as an unskilled worker and you return after a few months with a qualification in a specific field. In the future, when you will consider going back, it will be much easier to find a job in that branch, even better paid than the first one. This type of contract is an individual labor contract, concluded for a specific period, on the basis of which you will be professionally trained under the guidance of an accredited person.
Better living, a secure job and qualification in a job. Three in a shot. What do you say? Are you already filling your data on the Application form on our website?